Jean Abercrombie

Jean Abercrombie is the HR Director for Northaven Development Group focusing on the human resource management for the companies, consisting of payroll and benefit administration and management; legal compliance review and representation; workers’ compensation and unemployment tracking and administration; recruiting, employee retention, incentives, performance evaluations and incentives; policy creation andjob description updating and implementation, and disciplinary actions and employee grievance dispute mediation.

Jean received her JurisDoctor from the University of Toledo, College of Law in 2000 and graduated cum laude in 1996 from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science majoring in Spanish and German. Prior to joining Northaven, she worked in the real estate industry focusing on human resource management and real estate law for a family business, and also spent 3 years instructing Industrial Organizational Psychology, Human Resource Management and Employment Law courses at Owens Community College.