By hiring the right People, creating an effective Environment and a high focus on Training, P.E.T. has established a strong infrastructure in the Twin Cities to achieve Perfection Every Time execution.

Vista living uses nearly 20 years of experience caring for elders with Dementia practicing the highest Industry standards to set the bar for dementia care in New Mexico.

Leveraging larger markets, Northaven holds real estate in the Chicago and Atlanta area’s for long term investments.

Northaven Development Group

Northaven Group was formed in November of 2003 to oversee and provide services to entities owned by Joe & Debbie Nachtrab and the Nachtrab family.

Primary services include Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management and Strategic Oversight.  The Northaven offices, in Sylvania, Ohio, provide these services to the minimize overhead and leverage its diverse industries experience while its companies grow and ultimately develop a long term sustainable infrastructure of their own.  Northaven also serves as a control function for the diverse geographic and industry investment base.

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Our Mission

By Using Core Family Values of Honesty, Trust and Compassion, Northaven draws its entrepreneurial strength, organization, financial prowess, strong work ethic and competitive spirit to build key relationships and a multi-generational legacy.

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